Start Moving Without Pain — Cut Your Recovery Time by 80%

RyseUP Rehab Provides Rehabilitation for Anyone Experiencing Chronic Pain, or Pain That Limits Your Ability to Enjoy Your Daily Tasks

Rehabilitation Therapy Programs to Get Out of the Pain Zone

Our sessions are designed for you to accelerate your recovery and get back to living your life.

Through our foundational SITx approach we will work with you to strengthen your muscles, improve your range of motion, joint, ligament strength, all to address and resolve  pain.

Ultimately, enjoy movement without pain, receive a transformational education and get your life back.

Each Session is Focused on You with a One on One Rehab Specialist & No Distractions

Each session is 40 minutes or less, twice a week. Our Rehab Specialists are highly trained to make sure you do the correct exercises, to help you through the breathing process, and to ensure you are pushing yourself appropriately (inroading) to address and resolve your pain.

Sessions will also be related to specific areas you experience pain with the goal to strengthen your whole body from head to toe.


No Cost Out of Pocket for Auto Accident Rehab Therapy

If you are injured in a car accident then your training sessions cost nothing out of pocket. Rehabilitation therapy sessions are covered under Personal Injury Protection in your insurance by law.


Work with Your Chiropractor

We work with your chiropractor to help you increase range of motion, decrease pain and stiffness, and to feel better.

Chiropractic care can enhance the benefits of what we provide ensuring everything is working together throughout the recovery process.

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Meet Stephen Davis

Stephen Davis has been involved in the fitness and health industry for over 15 years. During that time, he has found himself questioning the principles and protocols of conventional exercise. After working with industry-leading experts he has completely revolutionized the way we approach exercise and how it plays into rehabilitation, creating SITx, which is at the core of the RyseUP Rehab approach. 

Client Success Stories

It’s Easy to Start Treatment

Step 1

Schedule Your Initial Consultation & Complete Your Intake Paperwork

Step 2

Have Your Initial Consultation & Pick Your Rehabilitation Program

  • Review Medical History & Concerns
  • Complete Your First Session Using SITx & Our Own HyperStatics Machines 
  • Sign Up for Your Rehab Program

Step 3

Schedule Your Two 40 Minute Sessions

Step 4

Complete Your Rehabilitation & Celebrate Your Improvements


Become a RyseUP Member to Continue Sessions to Take Your Health & Wellbeing to the Next Level  

We Collaborate With Other Specialists

for Car Accident Treatment

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Success Stories 

Whole New Way to Recovery & Fitness

Whole New Way to Recovery & Fitness

"The workout was different than any I had ever done before. No matter how good of condition your body is in it’ll push you to the limit. The breathing style used in the program sustained my muscles when I felt weak, as opposed to holding your breath which halts...

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Loving Training Sessions Instead of Dreading Exercise

Loving Training Sessions Instead of Dreading Exercise

"I’ve been going to another gym for over 7 months & I haven’t seen the results that I have in one month working with Stephen. I was introduced to Stephen after an accident & I was going to him for exercise and rehabilitation therapy. Originally, I was...

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Our Blog

Recovery Tips – Stay Fresh Between Your RyseUP Sessions

Recovery Tips – Stay Fresh Between Your RyseUP Sessions

Outside of your RyseUP Rehabilitation sessions, it’s important to become familiar with the basics of Staying Fresh - consider these the bare essentials for accelerating your rehabilitation process.   Gathering yourself in front of your family for a sit-down...

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Difference Between Exercise & Activity

Difference Between Exercise & Activity

Author: Emma Hill Activity is NOT exercise and Exercise is NOT Activity. These two are not to be confused. Exercise is a universal need for every living person on the planet and outside (if such a world exists). Anyone with a functioning heart and has a vital need to...

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What Our Patients Are Saying About Our Treatment

“Really good at getting rid of pain. Made my pain go away after 2 appointments. Really good direction and great exercises. Helped me not get as tired as quickly in my running and being able to run for longer. Built muscle after like 4 appointments.”

Julian Bernal

“I have had shoulder pain after falling down the stairs about a year ago. Working out with Ryse Fitness has helped me strengthen my shoulders, neck, and arms, and I am feeling much better.”

Katlin Empey

“Before, going up and down the stairs was daunting and I would only do so if I had an appointment. Now, the stairs aren’t so bad after all. My hip do not give out spontaneously, my headache are not as frequent as they use to be and I am able to stand and walk with a lot more confidence than I was a few months ago.”

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Say Goodbye to Chronic Pain

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We can help you get the rehabilitation and care you need to feel better, increasing your ability to live and enjoy your life.

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