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RyseUP Rehab exists to transform the way the world recovers after an injury. Our whole mission is for you to spend effective but minimum time with us that way YOU can spend more time doing the things which you love.

Our SITx (Static Incline Training Exercise) Approach


Rehabilitation to Get Out of the Pain Zone into the Pain-Free Zone


Improve Balance, Address Pain, Injuries


Utilize Inroading for Long-Lasting Relief


Revolutionary Breathing Techniques


Bilateral Exercises to Equally Strengthen Your Body


Uses the Science Behind Body Function & Natural movements for No-Nonsense Exercises During each Session


Rehab Specialists Totally Focused on You During Each Session so You Can Move without Pain

Our Vision

RyseUP Rehab exists for people to get their life back, to move without pain. 

Through our proprietary machines, exercises, breathing, resources, and the way we apply our knowledge and expertise related to body functions and movements in our rehabilitation approach, our clients feel better faster, it lasts longer, and it empowers you to build overall body strength and have a higher quality of life.

Sessions Provided

Happy Customers


Our Reason Why

At RyseUP Rehab, our goal is to end the conversations around perpetual challenges and fear that are commonly accepted in the rehabilitation world. This includes the perspective that injuries, along with aches and pains are just part of being healthy.

We believe that no one should have to settle or put up with pain that diminishes their quality of life. We know that there’s a better way than expensive procedures that don’t fully work, medications that just bandaid the pain, or lifelong at-home stretches and exercises.

At RyseUP Rehab, the SITx approach in each program incorporates a no-nonsense method that makes it simple to get better after an injury and opens the door to lifelong strength beyond recovery.

Our commitment to finding and using accurate principles and facts about rehabilitation and exercise allows us to produce real recovery and results. We believe that we all deserve a better quality of life, and we know that as we transform the way we see and apply SITx it will shift the quality of our lives as individuals, families, and community members.

There is a way to live beyond recovery and get your life back.

20 Years of Searching Led to Creating a Whole New Approach

RyseUP Rehab was created in 2020 after 20 years of searching for answers and an approach that solves long-term rehabilitation and injury recovery challenges, including chronic pain, and injuries that just never quite get better.

RyseUP Rehab was established in March 2020, with over 15 years of research, training, ideas and information into a revolutionary rehabilitation approach. This approach is unlike any other, and doesn’t require increasing your recovery times, it actually eliminates time and give you more time to enjoy and live your life. 

We aren’t afraid to ask the hard questions.

Stephen Davis, one of the founders of RyseUP Rehab, has spent many years of his life searching for answers to questions around rehabilitation, health and wellbeing.


Why does injury recovery and rehabilitation take so long?


Is there a better way to approach exercise that won’t result in an injury?


Why are bands are not needed for recovery?


Who created machines, and why don't we use the same machines for injury rehabilitation and recovery?


How can we end the cycle of exercise, injury, more exercise, injury, etc.?


How can we safely load the muscle to help protect the body?


Why is building muscle not a key component of resolving and preventing chronic pain?

We Are Dedicated to Expanding Our Own Understanding of Rehabilitation & Overall Ability

As Stephen trained with the highest level of experts in the fitness field from around the world, he continued to realize that the exercise industry was stuck, and very few people had answers at the depth he was searching for.

On this journey, Stephen eventually met Melvin who mentored Stephen and empowered Stephen to understand the body and exercise in a whole new way based on thousands of hours of study, reading scientific research and digging deeper into understanding health and fitness.

Based on thousands of hours of study, reading scientific research, and digging deeper into understanding health Static Incline Training Exercise Approach (SITx) were developed.

Through this experience, Stephen realized that there was a whole new way to empower people living with chronic pain, where they could actually live beyond pain.


Static Incline Training Exercise Approach (SITx) Will Shift How We Recover & Exercise

Stephen has evolved exercise into what we now know as RyseUP Rehab and the Static Incline Training Approach (SITx).

RyseUP Rehab has been offering services and rehabilitation sessions primarily to individuals who have been injured in a car accident, and need strength training and a pathway to lasting recovery. We have also worked with top-level athletes to resolve their pain and protect them from further injuries while increasing their performance in unprecedented ways

As we continue to grow, we are excited to raise awareness and educate our community and industry in ways that leave individuals, families, and communities fully empowered with their health, wellbeing, and a new way to understand SITx.

RyseUP Core Values

Integrity & Hard Work

RyseUP Rehab is established on scientific principles and years of research. We believe that through our expertise and education is it our job to be transparent with how our approach works, and why it changes the way we approach rehabilitation, fitness, and health. Our clients trust us because we answer their questions and we continue to ask the hard questions and do the hard work.

Consistency & Quality

We believe that consistency is key to success, achieving remarkable success and results. Our clients trust us and know they can count on us to consistently be there, do our part, and give them what they need to be successful. Our approach is also known for delivering results with each and every training session, because they are designed to work with the human body.  Time after time, our clients come back because they consistently have a quality experience, and nothing else compares or gives them what we provide.

Exclusive & Personalized

We are committed to a high standard of excellence. Excellence in our training sessions, customer service, and in our approach. The highest reflection of excellence is keeping our services personalized and focused on every individual. Our approach is designed to exclusively treat and strengthen each client. Every body needs a unique approach to recovery, where we focus on your needs and helping you to have the best life and body you can.  Exercises during your sessions are based on your body, not everyone else’s.

Results & Forward Movement

Everything we do is focused on our clients moving forward toward the results they deserve and seek. We create and build Exercises designed to rehabilitate and work for the human body, along with specific muscles and joints, along with specific injuries. These exercises are not based on any other factors such as gender or age, we believe and know that effective Exercise is based on targeting specific muscles and body parts that function the same for all humans.


We believe that knowledge is power and that is why it is our job to share what we have learned and proven, and what’s possible using our approach. Through the way we educate and empower individuals, doctors, trainers, and communities we will transform the way we understand the body, the mind, and human abilities. This will also give us a new approach to reduce injury risk, increase functionality, efficient recovery, fitness levels, and empower people to have a strong healthy body.

Curiosity & Passion

Our curiosity and passion for rehabilitation, exercise, and fitness drive us to evolve, and to ask the hard questions. This curiosity leads to innovative ways to produce real results and solutions that give us all a higher quality of life. You can count on us to find creative ways to solve the biggest challenges we face in the physical rehabilitation industry, and the fitness industry. 

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