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Do you accept insurance?

Typically with insurance, they can limit and try to dictate the care you receive as a patient. 

Even though we do have a waitlist for insurance, we have find time and time again the value provided through self-pay options for our more comprehensive approach has proven to be beneficial for our patients and achieving Movement Without Pain™.

Is RyseUP Rehab like physical therapy?

In some ways, yes, in many ways – no. While we both have the goal to help you recover the way we empower you and have you exercise is completely different. We focus on strengthening the areas that were injured, and the other parts of the body that will help support and aid your whole body in feeling better. We also use a hands-off approach that gets right to work on strengthening your body at the highest level you can go.

Do I have to do exercises at home on top of my appointment?

Because of the way our sessions are designed most of our patients do not do homework or extra exercises at home. Most of our clients only use stretches because they feel good and not because they have to. Our approach gets right to strengthening the muscles, joints, and ligaments so you can have increased mobility right away.

What do I need to bring and wear to a session?

We encourage you to wear shorts, tennis shoes, and a comfortable top for you this may be an exercise shirt, t-shirt, or a tank top. It can get warm in the room, even though we do have a fan, so please dress accordingly. We also encourage you to bring a water bottle with you.

How much does a rehabilitation session cost?

Pricing can vary due to providing bulk pricing depending on the need of length of the package. 

At this time If you were to pay for a single session it would be $125 for a rehabilitation session or $199 for a pain analysis. If you are injured in a car accident, we have packages that will fully cover your session by making a claim to personal injury protection coverage.

How do I book an appointment?

Go to our Pain Analysis page here. If you are already part of a rehab program then be sure to look for your welcome email, which will have the link for you to book.

Why does treatment cost me nothing out of pocket after a car accident?

We work directly with your insurance to cover the cost of your rehabilitation with Personal Injury Protection, which is required by law as part of your coverage. 

What do I need to do to be ready for a session?

Be sure to wear exercise clothes, preferably shorts, and appropriate footwear. Bring a water bottle and be sure to be hydrated before your session, and to hydrate right after your session. 

When you bring a positive mindset and a willingness to work hard in your sessions you will be surprised at the results, and your ability to recover. 

We will also have some paperwork for you to complete and information about how to approach the sessions for the best results during your first session. 

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