Author: Emma Hill

Exercise to improve health and mobility is always a mental challenge. It may be something that helps you to feel more in control of your life, or perhaps you just enjoy knowing that you pushed yourself. It is something we often force ourselves to do in the hope that our efforts will take away our pain, get rid of unwanted pounds, or give us more positivity in life. The problem here is that our desires to be better are usually held back by a common idea that we have to have fun while we exercise. 

Now, before you assume RyseUP Rehab is not for you because you want to enjoy living an active lifestyle, let me explain.

I believe, and so does RyseUP Rehab, that every person should feel satisfaction after a workout. It is obvious that many people experience positive mental health benefits from recreational activities, but true exercise is going to push you more than any recreational activity can. 

RyseUP Rehab defines exercise as “A process whereby the body performs work of a demanding nature, in accordance with muscle and joint function, in a clinically-controlled environment, within the constraints of safety, meaningfully loading the muscular structures to inroad their strength levels to stimulate a growth mechanism within minimum time.”

If you are truly exercising, you should be reaching Momentary Muscular Failure (MMF) in a short amount of time without unnecessary breaks or injuries. Unfortunately, our favorite sports or gym routines don’t cut it when we view exercise in this way. They just don’t measure up when we compare it to the benefits that come from RyseUP Rehab’s unique approach which is founded in Static Incline Training Exercise (SITx)

Instinct vs. Intellect

The greatest mental challenge you face in performing proper exercise is allowing your intellect to overcome your instincts. This is the fight to overcome what your body will naturally do when you are trying to reach MMF. Recreational activities often cater to these natural processes as they allow for breaks and intermittent relief from loads (weight, resistance, and what brings you to MMF) placed on your muscles. When your instinct takes over, it causes you to walk when you get that side ache while you are running. Instinct is what tempts you to pause between each set of reps, or even each rep at the gym. It is the lurking thought that you can stop at any time. This instinct is what will prevent you from reaching failure, which is the main purpose of exercise.

We know that our bodies are capable of more than what we do in our day to day lives. We may walk part of a run when we are alone, but run the same distance without pausing when we have a partner to hold us accountable. This extra potential is clearly demonstrated when we participate in athletic competitions. The thrill of a race may cause a runner to push through pain that often stopped them during practices. 

Even more impressive are the rumors of fantastic physical feats in the heat of an emergency situation. I’m sure we have all heard the ones about mothers lifting cars (or other extremely heavy objects) in an effort to rescue a child. These are all moments when an individual has overcome the limits placed on them by their natural instincts. These are examples of intellect, and moments of mind over matter. 

SITx will require you to choose intellect over your instincts. Your body will naturally try to conserve energy, but SITx will require you to exhaust all energy to the best of your ability. It is up to you to decide whether you or your body will win this fight. 

Calm, Present, and Focused

If you come to your sessions calm, present, and focused then the benefits of your sessions will only increase. 

The mental challenge of SITx is one of the many aspects that empower you to reach your rehabilitation and fitness goals. The physical aspects will come to you easier as you continue your sessions with us. And you will gradually become familiar with proper form for each exercise so that more of your effort can be placed on achieving a deeper MMF, which is related to inroading. You must come prepared to participate and give it your all. However, the success of each session will always be dependent on the mindset you bring with you. 

You must come prepared to participate and give it your all. However, the success of each session will always be dependent on the mindset you bring with you.  

Coming calm is essential because it will allow you to concentrate on the challenge of the exercises before you. A fitness instructor will always be present to remind you to breathe appropriately, avoid outroading behaviors, guide your intensity, and correct your form. Any instructions you receive from them will be given in a calm manner. They are not there to yell at you or push you to a state of “fight or flight” where panic and instinct can take over. A sense of calm will maintain the control necessary to complete the various exercises. 

You must be present during your sessions. We don’t mean that you need to just show up. Once you arrive, you need to let go of the stressors you may be carrying with you and give all of your attention to your instructor and the tasks at hand, each exercise. This will immensely increase your ability to focus and will reduce your tendency to allow instincts to take over. If you are distracted with personal matters during a session, you will not be focusing your attention on loading your muscles to the extent that you are capable. 

One on One Support from a Fitness Instructor Makes it Easier to Stay Focused

Your fitness instructor will encourage you to push your muscles to the next level, and ensure you are on track and moving from exercise to exercise, without taking long breaks. If you are not focused during your sessions, you will not benefit from SITx as much as you could. Each session is going to be a mental and physical challenge. This mental challenge is one you will have to face, and it can only be faced by you, but we will do everything we can to help you through it.

If you are willing to give your time, energy and focus, you can expect to experience so many mental health benefits in your life: 

  • You will have a greater belief in your ability to do hard things.
  • It will bring confidence in your body and self.
  • You can know that you did your best.
  • You will never have to push past a pain barrier to get the results you want.
  • The mental and physical feats you accomplish during your sessions will translate into other areas of your life and help you to succeed.
  • The physical benefits of SITx will be expanded. 
  • You will get more time, and more energy back because you are taking each session seriously. 

There are many benefits to SITx and the training sessions here at RyseUP Rehab. We have helped hundreds of clients get the support and treatment needed to address chronic pain, and to strengthen their body. We have worked with patients and clients that are dealing with neck pain, back pain, knee pain, and more. Regardless of why your pain started, SITx is a revolutionary way that not only gives you a mental challenge, but addresses your pain.

Regardless of why your pain started, SITx is a revolutionary way that not only gives you a mental challenge, but addresses your pain. 

Accept the mental challenge today and get started by booking your first session here. You can also check out any of our upcoming Try Ryse Session appointments here.  

Please contact us here if you have any questions for us, we are happy to help you better understand what we do, and how it’s unique. 

Emma is currently a student studying editing and publishing with a minor in creative writing. She joined the team at RyseUP Rehab after participating in the program herself to treat injuries she received in a car accident. The exercises made a big difference in her life and have helped her to live the active life she wants to with less pain. Emma enjoys rock climbing, running, and spending time with her family.