Author: Emma Hill

Each session at RyseUP Rehab takes focus and dedication, SITx is a rigorous approach. But don’t worry, you will not be alone in this. Our program is designed so that you will always have a rehab specialist completely focused on you and your needs. Our specialists are vital to your rehabilitation and training, along with the way we deliver results. So, it is essential that you have someone who you can trust to keep you safe while you complete the exercises during each session. 

First, your rehab specialist should facilitate an environment where it is easy to focus. 

This means that they are not distracting you with off-topic conversations during exercises. While you are completing an exercise, talking should be limited to correcting your form, giving you instructions, and other short statements designed to help you exhaust your muscles. The specialist will not play music during your session and they should keep the room cool for you so you are not overheating. Any distractions in the room could reduce your ability to achieve a deep Momentary Muscular Failure (MMF).

There are statements they may say that can seem a little strange at first but they are there to help you push yourself without pushing the pain barrier. Things like “moderate effort,” “almost as hard as you dare,” and “as hard as you dare.” These are related to the phase of each exercise and the amount of time you have been doing it. 

Second, during your sessions, your specialist should be just as focused as you are. 

They should not be multitasking because they are responsible for your safety and success. This is primarily why we do not offer any group sessions. Each specialist is there to give you one-on-one attention so that you can get the most out of your workout. A rehab specialist is focused on your results and helping you to inroad deeper.

As you complete more sessions, you will become more familiar with the form required for each exercise. However, regardless of how well you know how to do an exercise, your form should never be dependent upon your muscle memory. 

Relying on your muscle memory can lead to injury if your form is incorrect, so your rehab specialist will always be watching to make sure you are aligned. They may ask you to adjust or restart the exercise if necessary. This keeps you safe and prevents injury and further injuries. You must be willing to listen to your rehab specialist. 

Because your specialist should always be focused on you, they should never turn their back on you during an exercise. They should be constantly watching for changes in your form or appearance of outroading behaviors (grimacing, gritting your teeth, excessive gripping, jerking motions, holding your breath, etc.).

Third, your rehab specialist should be knowledgeable about the exercises and how the human body functions.

Your rehab specialist should be an expert when it comes to the exercises they are asking you to do. They are here to help you not only with form but to make sure that you do the appropriate exercises to address your unique goals and concerns during your session. 

Custom machines will be used during your sessions to help you work your body, but the specialist must know the correct alignment of your body, how to set the machines and help you to maintain your form through the duration of each exercise, and ultimately the whole session.

Fourth, a rehab specialist Will Do the Exercises That Are Best for Your Body—Not Because They Feel Like “Changing it Up”.  

Our rehab specialists should also have a good understanding of physics, biology, and chemistry so that they understand the natural processes and functions of the muscles and joints in the body. This foundational knowledge can enable them to help you get the results you want while never compromising safety. 

Their understanding of the body should also include some things that are individual to you, such as past injuries and areas where you experience a lot of pain. Knowing this information will be essential as they create a regimen unique to your needs, guide you through exercises, and help to ensure that you do not cross the pain barrier during any of your exercises. 

They will gather information during your first session. Your first visit is typically quite a bit longer than the following sessions because the rehab specialist will complete an assessment so that we can be certain that your needs will be addressed by the exercises you complete each session.

We also ask for feedback after the session has ended, and before we start a session. Our goal is to ensure you get the care and attention you need so you have the most effective workout possible. 

This personal aspect of rehab specialists is truly essential in helping each of our clients to understand the purpose of SITx. Familiarity with the exercises and the functions of the human body will make it possible for your specialist to educate you on the benefits you can receive.

Why is a good rehab specialist so important?

Your rehab specialist is responsible for empowering you to strengthen your body and get you the results that you need and want. Be it that you need to address neck pain or back pain that you have dealt with for years, or you are working on your range of motion because you were injured in a car accident, we know you are working with us so that you can address that pain and strengthen your body. 

We want you to know that we take your health seriously and this will not be a waste of your time or money. We know that what we do works, so we do all that we can to make sure that each of your sessions is led according to our established protocol by someone that is trained and can ensure your safety to produce results that you can feel. 

If you are looking for a new way to approach rehabilitation, address chronic pain, or your fitness. We would love the opportunity to support you on your journey. If you are skeptical about our approach, we get it, and we would love to meet you and show you the difference a session with RyseUP Rehab can make. What do you have to lose?

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Emma is currently a student studying editing and publishing with a minor in creative writing. She joined the team at RyseUP Rehab after participating in the program herself to treat injuries she received in a car accident. The exercises made a big difference in her life and have helped her to live the active life she wants to with less pain. Emma enjoys rock climbing, running, and spending time with her family.