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2230 N. University Pkwy

Bldg 5, Ste B

Provo, UT 84604

We Partner with Axcess Accident Center to Provide Treatment Throughout Utah

Working with chiropractors empowers you to have the best recovery

We take a holistic approach to rehabilitation

It's easy to get adjusted & then go to rehabilitation therapy

Understand the RyseUP Rehab Approach

RyseUP Rehab believes we can shift the way we understand and approach Rehabilitation as individuals and as a whole industry using SITx.


What We Do in Rehabilitation

Our programs are innovative and, based on effectively strengthening the muscles and joints. 30-minute sessions deliver high-level cardiovascular benefits as we increase oxygen in the blood, brain, and body, and burn high levels of calories.


How it Works

Our approach combines appropriate methodologies focused on individuals, correct principles, breathing techniques, software, and equipment.  The core of our approach is providing solutions and results to our clients that are innovative, and last.


Reduce the Risk for Chronic Pain

We know that after an accident you are at significant risk to have your acute symptoms turn into a long-lasting problem – chronic pain. Our rehabilitation sessions will drastically reduce this risk.


Strengthen Muscles, Joints & Ligaments

Using Static Incline Training Exercise Approach (SITx) we are not just helping your muscles get stronger, each therapy session will help your joints and ligaments work with your muscles.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I book an initial consultation?

It’s easy to start the process. Simply, visit the initial consult page, it’s FREE.

Be sure to complete the paperwork before the consult, so we are all ready to go and recommend the best program to get you out of the pain zone.

Why does treatment cost me nothing out of pocket after a car accident?

We work directly with your insurance to cover the cost of your rehabilitation with Personal Injury Protection, which is required by law as part of your coverage.

What do I need to do to be ready for a session?

Be sure to wear exercise clothes, preferably shorts, and appropriate footwear. Bring a water bottle and be sure to be hydrated before your session, and to hydrate right after your session.

When you bring a positive mindset and a willingness to work hard in your sessions you will be surprised at the results, and your ability to recover.

We will also have some paperwork for you to complete and information about how to approach the sessions for the best results during your first session.

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2230 N. University Pkwy Bldg 5, Ste B

Provo, UT 84604



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