“Due to an automobile accident it was very difficult for me to do or complete simple tasks. My range of motion brought many limitations and pain. Once I started static therapy with Stephen I was able to gain stability and strength in my joints and muscles. I noticed an increase in energy and mobility.

After the car accident, my body took a pretty big hit with my mobility. I found it difficult to do or complete simple tasks because of the pain. For several months I was referred to specialists for pain relief for my neck, back, knee, and wrist but, it seemed to have eased the pain for only a short while. Dr. Jones suggested that I try physical therapy which he explained was much different from what I am used to. I was not sure what to expect but at this point, I was willing to try anything.

Once I completed my first Rehabilitation Therapy session with Stephen, I left with a little knowledge of strength training that had nothing to do with dumbbells. After each session, I felt my lower back and hip getting stronger. Before going up and down the stairs was daunting and I would only do so if I had an appointment. Now, the stairs aren’t so bad after all. My hip does not give out spontaneously, my headaches are not as frequent as they use to be and I am able to stand and walk with a lot more confidence than I was a few months ago.

Stephen has also helped with my nutrition and weight loss which have also contributed to a better recovery.  Thank you Stephen with RyseUP Rehab for all your knowledge and thank you Axcess for helping me through this journey of recovery.”

– Lipina Lolohea